We use only consciously selected ingredients.

The water from the Daijingu Shrine in Yamaguchi.

Since a long time ago, people have been calling the Daijingu Shrine here in Yamaguchi City as the "West Ise Sama". Yamashiroya's sake uses the groundwater of the Daijingu Shrine which is known as the water of the mountain god.
The spring water is well-known for its soft taste and it's one of the third most famous spring in Yamaguchi City.

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The organic rice from the Yamaguchi Prefecture

We buy and use Yamadanishiki Rice from a local farmer, who grows it especially for us in Atou, here in Yamaguchi Since no chemical fertilizers are used, our product has an exquisite taste, very low in off-flavors.

Sake Brewing Starts

This brewery is particular about using raw materials such as rice,
water and yeast that come from Yamaguchi City.

  • Rice is polished

    The degree of how much the surface of the rice is polished away has an important effect on the character of the sake.

  • Wash rice

    Wash the polished rice with water and soak it in water to remove moisture.

  • Steamed rice

    Steaming rice converts starch into sugar.

  • Koji

    We make koji by hand by spreading steamed rice across the table and sprinkling it with koji mold spores.

  • Moto

    We put water, steamed rice, koji, and yeast into a tank to create a fermentation starter, or moto.

  • Moromi

    We add more water, koji and steamed rice in three batches to build the moromi, or fermentation mash.

  • Squeeze

    By squeezing the fermented moromi,it is separated into sake and sake lees and becomes clear sake.

  • Bottling

    Bottle the finished Japan sake.

  • Heat sterilization

    Heat twice to kill bacteria.


  • Princess Junmai Daiginjo

    Vivid and strong, a fruity flavor that harmonizes with a refreshing aroma. A great present for someone special or a good product to reward yourself.

  • Kojo no Homare Junmaiginjo

    Rich in strong flavor, that's the characteristic of a middle dry Ginjo Sake. Over time, the dry taste changes to a mild aroma.

  • Sugihime Junmaishu

    Characteristically brilliant in scent, impossible to guess that it s Sake. Enjoy the refreshing aroma with a soft aftertaste.

  • Sugihime Daiginjo

    The use of strong yeast and the striving for a strong Sake. Enjoy the rich flavor and the fresh taste of Yamaguchi s local rice.

  • Sugihime Junmaiginjo

    Filled with the rich flavor of rice. A fine dry taste with a hunch of a fruity scent,it's best consumed cold.



It has been 400 years since the company was founded. We have walked along with the history of "Yamaguchi".

At the end of Edo period, Yamaguchi was the central city to gather the leading spirits of The Restoration.
It is said that Satsuma-Choshu Agreement has been done together with Yamashiroya's Sake, as Yamashiroya brewery was the closest to Chin-Ryu Tei.
Our Sake became the driving force for creating Japan.


Yamashiroya is a great example for a combined traditional japanese liquor store and bar.
Among our regulars, you can enjoy a warm atmosphere while drinking various western style and japanese liquors, alongside easy side dishes.


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